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TREILER®️ 350 - The original

TREILER®️ 350 - The original

This small platform trailer rolls on 13" wheels and has a usable area of ​​98 x 197 cm. It fits in any garage thanks to its maximum height of just 200 cm.
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Do you transport e-MTBs on the roof of your car? Or do you have a carrier for the trailer hitch that usually ends with two E-MTBs?

By the way, conventional solutions are usually not permitted because of the payload limit for carriers and motor vehicles. But don't worry - now there is the ultimate solution for everyone who wants to transport their bikes safely and easily. Discover the TREILER 350.

We built this trailer to create a solution for bicycle enthusiasts - but of course our TREILER can do a lot more than just transport bicycles. As a customer, you can choose between several options. You can transport 1-4 bicycles/e-bikes or a scooter with 2 bicycles each. We even offer you a suitable high-quality high tarpaulin with a bow for this purpose. This way you can protect your values ​​from others' eyes. Nevertheless, its large platform makes it very suitable if you need to transport something else.

With its total weight of just 350kg, you can easily apply for a 100 km/h approval with almost any towing vehicle - from Smart to motorhomes.

What makes it so special!

Standard equipment

Chassis and frame

  • Completely riveted frame made of high-strength cross connections. The TREILER 350 can optionally be equipped with a bicycle holder bracket or a high tarpaulin.

  • Two rubber buffers in the rear area protect the frame when it is set up.

  • Very stable V-drawbar with Knott ball coupling / optional AL-KO coupling including rubber handle and anti-theft device.

  • V-drawbar with integrated safety rope.

loading area and floor

  • Very stable and non-slip 9mm screen printing plate.

  • 16 optimal lashing points in the loading floor.

Lighting equipment

  • Modern Aspöck multifunctional lighting.

  • Two Aspöck position lights (front).

  • Two side reflectors.

Wheels and axles

  • AL-KO premium axle with hexagonal rubber suspension, compact bearing lubricated for life.

  • 13" tires.


T echnical data


Empty weight: 135 kg

Permitted total weight: 350 kg

Payload: 215 kg

Max. permissible support load: 75 kg


External dimensions (L / W): 2000 / 2010mm

Usable dimensions (L / W): 1000 / 2000 mm

Erected (D / W / H): 650 / 2000 / 2000mm

Loading height: 650 mm


Wheel size in inches: 13"

100 km/h approval: Yes

Jockey wheel: Yes

Brake: No


Frame construction: Very stable and not susceptible to vibration

Load area floor: 9 mm thick screen printing plate

Load capacity: Very high point load capacity

Tests: DEKRA-tested frame component

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